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Six Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Traveling to Japan

1. Cash

You should remember that most stores in Japan do not accept debit cards or credit, so don’t forget to bring a huge amount of money with you. You also can exchange your checks into yen at local banks. What’s more, there is a wide variety of unique things in big cities such as Kyoto and Tokyo that you want to buy and they are not cheap at all. Additionally, you should be careful with pickpockets in crowded places such as some public events or train stations.

2. Shoes and socks

When entering to Japan, you will visit a wide range of traditional houses, temples and fitting rooms in clothes shops, so it is convenient for you to slip on and of if you bring shoes. You are always required to take off your shoes at the entrance of these places. Hence, you need to bring some pairs of cleans socks along, especially when you visit any Japanese family. You will be more polite due to them.

3. Luggage

When traveling in Japan, it is advised to bring small and light luggage. There are a plenty of places you have to travel by train or bus and it is always overcrowded. Hence, if you do not want to slow down your travel, you should not bring much luggage.

4. Rain coats and medicine

You ought to bring all types of medicine that you need during your trip in Japan. In addition, you it’d better to know that summer is the rainy season in Japan. Thus, do not hesitate to bring a rain coat with you.

5. Handkerchiefs and tissues

It is surprised when you can find any toilet paper in Japanese public bathrooms and restrooms. Hence, it is necessary to bring some pocket tissues along when staying in Japan. Besides, bringing a small towel or a handkerchief is important because there is any paper towels or hand dryers in some public restrooms.

6. Gifts

Keep in mind to bring a small gift with you when visiting a Japanese family as it is a tradition in Japan. The gift is not necessarily being expensive but it needs wrapping carefully. It is a good idea to bring something from your country such as key chains, chocolate or postcards, etc.

You are lucky person if you have the means and time to visit Japan, a very stunning country. Visiting Japan is always a dream of many people around the world, but they can not make this dream come true.