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Planning to Learn Norwegian? Here Are Interesting Facts

Crucial Norwegian Language Facts for You

To learn a new language, you need to love it and the people who speak it. That is the only way to learn the language wholesomely. What are the basic facts you should know about this language? It is the official language used in Norway. This is a country in Northwestern Europe. Its GDP is excellent and have the lowest rates of crime in the world. Besides, the country is made of extensive coastlines, happy people, and successful democracy.

Norwegian is spoken by five million people around the world. A big portion of these people lives in Norway. The people speaking it are in Sweden, Denmark and other parts of the globe.

Whether you want to move to Norway or learning the language for fun, you have to understand how to translate English to Norwegian. What are the other facts you should know in this language? Read more:

There Are Many Norwegian Dialects in Use

For those who are just beginning to learn Norwegian, the experts will tell you that you can write the language in two different ways. There are regional dialects that have been used for a long time. The difference in the way the language is spoken depends on whether the speaker is from the inland or the coastal areas. These dialects are classified into the Western and the Eastern. The western version is on the coast. On the other hand, the Eastern version is used in Oslo and Inland areas.

Besides, the dialects used in the rural areas also differed from the dialect used in urban settings. The Bergen dialect, which is used in the city, is composed of 2 grammar genders. Normal Norwegian language is made of 3 grammatical genders. The policies in Europe encourage the retention of the dialects. News broadcasters and journalists mostly use Nynorsk.

Is Norwegian Similar to Other Scandinavian Languages?

Given the common history of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian, some words cut across all of them. Although Norwegian is related to the Icelandic language, the two are not intelligible.

Is it Easy to Learn Norwegian as a First-Timer?

The speed of learning language varies from one person to another. However, Norwegian is classified as one of the easiest languages to learn for those who are English native speakers. For those who are committed and love the language, it takes 22 to 24 weeks to learn it. By then you can comfortably understand what is said in Norwegian. For those who have experience with the other languages used in the Scandinavian regions such as Danish, learning Norwegian can be easier and faster.

Why Is Norwegian Spoken with Pitch Accent?

When you hear someone speaking Norwegian, it comes out as if the person is singing. Why is this the case? The language is used in a different tone. Stressing a vowel differently brings out a different meaning. The tones vary with the dialect that one uses. The tones make Norwegian have the singing qualities noticed when one is speaking the language.

The Scandinavian languages are known to be made of long words. Norwegian is no exception. For example, the separation that is done when using the compound words in English does not apply in Norwegian. The words are written together.

The People Who Speak the Language Make It Unique

The Norwegians are proud of their language. They speak it in every opportunity they get. They have dedicated radio shows to the praise of the language. Their love for the language is because of the unifying value it has had; has led to an increase in economic development in the country. Some means of using the language include:

  • Print media
  • Casual conversations
  • Official country functions
  • Forming new relations

Language is used as part of identity. Norwegian’s love for their language is unmatched. If you want to learn this language fast as well, you need to like it. You are in an advantageous position since it is a language that is easy to learn for those who are passionate.