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Discount Cruises

If you spend a little extra time, and plan in advance, it’s usually pretty easy to find and book discount cruises.

Like all travel plans, shop around and compare prices, especially on the internet. A cheap cruise can occasionally be found at the last minute, but don’t bet on this method since these are not reliable, and usually only available in the off seasons.

You can also find a cheap cruise package that will include airfare to your port of call, which will sometimes save you money on airfare, on the cruise itself, or maybe even both. But again, these usually sell out first, so try to book as early as possible.

Sometimes booking older cruise lines will mean a cruise deal that can also save you money, but be sure to check the cruise liner’s on-ship sanitation ratings and safety features, since older ships aren’t always as up to code as newer versions. These older liners will also (usually) feature smaller cabins, and perhaps fewer amenities, but if the ship matches your personal specifications, and you don’t mind the difference, then you may very well have arranged yourself an excellent vacation.

During the off season cruise lines will sometimes offer a cruise special that can vary from an Air/Sea package, a 2 for 1 deal, or simply lower rates. If you know of a cruise line that’s offering this kind of special, or will soon, these are usually a great way to save money and still enjoy a fantastic trip. You can also look for a frequent traveler cruise deal, which some cruise lines will offer for those who travel with them often, or who plan to. If you enjoy cruises, or vacations in general, this could be a great way to pay less for trips you would have taken anyway.

Finally, always look into the last minute upgrade or cruise special, even after you’re booked and have arrived at your port of call. Sometimes a ship hasn’t sold out its more expensive cabins, and for some extra cash the cruise line will give you an upgrade. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and everyone benefits from such an upgrade, since the cruise line makes more money, and you get better accommodations