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Andalucia – Where To Go, If You are Food Lover?

Andalucia is one of the richest and most diverse in the world because of its unusual dishes reflect its dramatic and tragic history. The most famous dish of Andalucia is gazpacho. It was invented in the first millennium BC, by wise and resourceful Romans, who wanted to invent something new that could be remembered by all the people, and become a national dish. And they succeeded, the dish turned out really delicious and unusual, but the final version was founded a little later, when the explorer and discoverer Columbus brought to Spain red tomatoes and peppers.

The wise Moors, who managed to change the face of Spain forever, brought large changes in the kitchen after seating olive, orange and almond trees. The Moors are also known as introducers of new spices (nutmeg, cumin, saffron, cinnamon), as well as vegetables and fruits (pomegranate, spinach, eggplant, quince, etc.).

Modern kitchen of Andalucia is based on mountainous and coastal food. In the center of the country are very popular sauces, jamones (cured hams), but closer to the coast they give preference to fish and seafood. But it does not matter what part of the country you want to attempt, in any case, you get a lot of fun. In the old bar you’ll be offered a soothing glass of fino, it is very popular in Andalucia, but you will hardly be able to try this drink elsewhere.

Seville Tapas – Great Invention

There is a famous bar in the Spanish city, where tapas have been invented, you should go there too. But one of funny facts is, that this bar is the only bar in this city, where you may enjoy so colorful food. People of Seville have one good tradition which is named El Tapeo. It means eating “on the go”, so you should do it on your feet. And then Sevillanos attend different bars, drinking cold fino, but in summer they prefer to drink beer. There is one more drink in Seville, which is similar to tapas – tinto de verano. It consists of mixed vine, lemons and ice.

Villaluenga del Rosario’s Famous Goat’s Cheese

There is another beautiful place in Spain, which is near 13 kilometers southwest of Grazalema and is located in Cadiz province. This is small village Villaluenga del Rosario which is one of the highest places in this location. It is a kind of paradise, with tiny streets and small houses. Also, this village is known by famous goat’s cheese, which is produced here. Try it, it is very delicious!

“Sherry Triangle” and Jerez

There are three colorful towns in Cadiz province, which form a triangle which is named Sherry. Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa María and Sanlúcar de Barrameda are the main producers of a great wine of Andalucia, but they are much smaller than Chipiona or even small town named Rota.

Rute’s Anis

One of most ancient and interesting places is hidden beyond a ruined castle of Moore and a Baroque-styled church, and is located on a small hill with the great overlook. It’s all about Rute, the famous town-producer of wine. Also it is known by spring water of sierra, which is one of the main components while manufacturing lethal Anis, one of the well-known drinks in this country. Tip: you should try it in Bodega Machaquito, it is one of the best places there.

Jamón in Jabugo

Jabugo is well-known place for the tourists. As we mentioned above, you may try here cured hams, which are very tasteful as across all the country you may even see billboards with smiling pigs which proclaim Jamón is king in Jabugo. The finest food, that you may try here are jamón ibérico or pata negra, which are both acorn-fed hams. So this dish is very delicious!

Baena Olive Oil

Spain is also well-known as manufacturer of delicious olive oil. One of its greater production centers is located here in Baena. Baena’s olive oil is of the best in Europe and even has some unique types of oil such as official denominación de origen. Because of this oil is pretty expensive for usual cooking it is used for flavoring gazpacho, or is tasted on bread as a tapa.

Cadiz Coasts and Seafood

Feasting on fish and crustaceans is an action, which, maybe, every Andalucian likes. There are a lot of restaurants and bars in Cadiz, which may provide you with tasty and fresh fish. Perhaps, sometimes it may be called sea-capital of Andalucia! Also there is old seamen’s quarter, the Barrio de la Viña, where you may try beer and fish at economical prices.

Lanjarón and Mineral Water

One of the greatest places in all Andalucia is named Lanjaron and it is one of health-centers of Spain. Here you may see natural springs of clean water, which is sold in bottled form across the Spain and even in other countries.